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Phantom II

We went back to the drawing board to create the Phantom II, the most aerodynamic TT frame we have ever produced.  Starting with the front end, we made some dramatic changes to the previous model.  To reduce parasitic drag, we designed a bayonet style fork that cuts through the air like a knife and relocated the TRP front brake to the back side of the fork. 


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Stradalli specializes in ultra-light carbon fiber components. These products are race tested and put through the strictest quality control process. Stradalli produces frames and components which allow the athlete to realize their fullest potential without decimating their savings account. Stradalli components put the cost conscious cyclist on the same level as the professional who gets top of the line equipment for free through their sponsors. The only difference is that Stradalli components are sold at prices comparable to the lesser expensive lines - without worrying about the poor performance of inferior equipment lines.